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Los Angeles based Singer, Model, Tv-host & Citizen of the World,

Angelica Artifex is the face of this globally connected generation, with her European and Latin Caribbean background and life experiences in the world. Her music, is influenced by ‘50s Cuban boleros, Scandinavian pop and 90's R&B.

Raised in Sweden, 

born to a Cuban father and a Finnish mother, her childhood was surrounded by

cultural duality. It was the best of both worlds for the bundding young artist.


Musically speaking, Artifex's taste is varied. She started taking singing seriously at age of 12

and spent her 3 year studies at the famous Swedish Pop/Rock music school named Rytmus High School.

After school Artifex would spend time in studios writing songs and recording back-up vocals.

Shortly after graduating, she moved to Italy as a model, working with designers such as RedValentino, Etro, Cedric Charlier,  BluMarine, Antonio Marras and more. 


Artifex’s return to music occurred when she received an invitation to perform with the San Marino Orchestra at the Expo – Milan Show. Her performance received rave responses from the audience. Since then, Angelica was determined to have a successful career in music, in doing so, she made the move to Los Angeles. 

Her performance at “The Mint La Club” got the attention of the producer LUGO , After honing her skills further with Grammy Nominated R&B singer  Frankie J, Artifex & Frankie J collaborated and released the 3 singles

”Lo Que Paso“ ,“Borron Y Cuenta Nueva” and “Chillear“. 


Her latest  work, "Artifex Trilogy" is a 3 part music video story. A story of an heartbroken woman that is tired of feeling sorry for herself, and so therefor she is now taking action in her own hands…

Volume 1 of  3, "White Flag(Saca Tu Bandera)", just released on YouTube. 

The cinematography is shoot by, Hector Perez, directed & Edited by, Danielle Yu Perez. 

Music Production by platinum record producer Luigie "LUGO" Gonzalez & Casey Sullivan.

Written by Palmer Reed, Angelica Artifex, Casey Sullivan & Luigie Gonzalez.

Co-starring Darius Dio & furniture and set designed by,  Casa Minimo by Fernando Cuevas. 

Angelica Artifex is currently recording new music with producers LUGO and Casey Sullivan, and is also seen as the new face of the technology brand, Intel Evo, in collaboration with Now This News. 


Fun Fact: Speaks 4 languages fluently. English, Spanish, Swedish and Italian

Also, she is a former Tv-Host for the bilingual woman empowerment Talk Show called, "Get it Girl" on


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