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Artifex is the face of this globally connected generation. Her music, influenced by 50's Cuban mambo and cha-cha-cha, blends urban latin fusion and Scandinavian pop. Artifex is a Swedish-born artist with Cuban and Finnish roots, whose musical talent and versatility have left a mark on the industry. Her career began at the Rytmus Music High School in Sweden, where she completed her studies. From there, she continued her career as a model in Milano, and did also have the opportunity to participate in the San Marino Philharmonic orchestra, showing her versatility and musical talent.


Artifex decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her musical career. She was at the club "The Mint LA" where she performed with her band "Artifex the Band" and caught the attention of recording producer Lugo, who discovered her talent. Since then, her career has been on the rise, establishing herself as a promising artist on the music scene. Her passion for music, combined with her work in television, hosting the show "Get It Girl" on LATV Networks, demonstrates her dedication and commitment to her art and the empowerment of women. This additional role shows her passion for inspiring and supporting women in the entertainment industry. With her unique style and authentic lyrics, Artifex is an artist worth following closely as she grows artistically and professionally.




An 111 Avenue Studio production, about a brokenhearted woman that is tired of feeling sorry for herself, it's time for her to take charge of her own life... The three part music video story is now available on YouTube. 

Shot by cinematographer and photographer Hector Perez, directed & edited by Danielle Yu Perez.

Music Production by platinum record producer Luigie "LUGO" Gonzalez & Casey Sullivan. Written by Palmer Reed, Angelica Artifex, Casey Sullivan & Luigie Gonzalez.

Co-stars Darius Dio (vol 1) & Ryn Higgins (Vol 3).

Furniture and set designed created by Casa Minimo,

by Fernando Cuevas

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