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Angelica Artifex

New Single Release

Out in the     Wild

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Release ' Out in the Wild'

From the multicultural, multifaceted musician Angelica Artifex comes this emphatic new single blended vibrant Caribbean rhythms with infectious, dreamy dance vibes -


'Out in the Wild,'marks the perfect summer soundtrack drenched in a sunshine sound that is truly undeniable. Drawing directly from personal experiences, this incessant track brings a sense of liberation and pure self-discovery. Fed up with expectations and the burdens of past relationships, 'Out in the Wild' delivers a sonic anthem for breaking free and embracing youthful spontaneity.


Boasting a remarkably smooth writing process and beat-making process, this song is truly one of the closest to Angelica's heart and that raw authenticity is clearly interwoven into 'Out in the Wild.' 'I could not have done this track without my bomb team,

producer Luigie LUGO Gonzalez and co-writing Celeste Scott, together we created fire!' - certainly not a track to miss out on.



Short background story

Angelica Artifex is a dynamic artist and musician, born and raised in Sweden with a rich cultural heritage from Finland and Cuba. Her upbringing was a vibrant mix of dance, music, and art, shaped by frequent travels between Sweden and Cuba which created her rich musical palette. This blend of influences is deeply woven into her music, which combines Caribbean rhythms with urban pop to create a distinctive sound. From a young age, Artifex showed a passion for music, developing her skills at the prestigious Rytmus music high school. By the age of 12, she was already performing at local jazz festivals and recording background vocals for various projects. Her journey saw her collaborating with notable artists, including R&B singer Frankie J. Artifex's talents extend beyond music to modeling and acting, experiences she explored during her time in Milan, Italy. It was her powerful performance at Expo Milan that convinced her to pursue a singing career in Los Angeles. Since then, she has garnered a dedicated following with her soulful voice and magnetic stage presence. In addition to her music career, Angelica Artifex has made a name for herself as a TV host on "Get It Girl" at LATV Networks, showcasing her multifaceted nature. Currently, she divides her time between the United States and Europe, continuously evolving her craft and working on new music. Inspired by her Cuban roots, Angelica is a true creative shapeshifter 

Female Inspirations

SADE . La Lupe . Amaarae . Celica Cruz . Rihanna .

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